Your Back Up Generator Will Run Longerand Cheaper on Diesel

If you're in the market for a back-up generator in case of emergencies, you'd be wise to go with a portable, diesel generator. Even though the cost of petrol is skyrocketing and diesel is even more expensive, you'll save more money in the long run, and not just in your fuel costs. Diesel generators have many other benefits that make them perfect for your back-up generator.

First of all, while diesel is generally more expensive per gallon than petrol, they usually use less fuel. If you're using your generator for back-up purposes, you probably won't be keeping a lot of extra fuel on hand, so you'll want the fuel you do have to last as long as possible. Hopefully, it will last until the emergency is over, so you can either go back to regular utility power or have the ability to get more fuel for your generator. In these kinds of situations, the longer you can go on your own independent power, the better. The other great thing about diesel is that it's safer to store. While of course, like any fuel it is flammable, it is not explosive. This gives you yet another reason to have a well-stocked supply on hand. Additionally, when diesel is used by your generator, the exhaust is even less toxic than gas!

A diesel generator will also last longer than a petrol-powered generator of comparable size. This is because it has fewer moving parts to wear out. Diesel generators do not need spark plugs or carburetors. This means you don't have to replace any of those parts as you would with a petrol generator. Most diesel generators will run for 20,000 hours before needing any kind of maintenance! That's about ten times the life of a petrol generator. You wouldn't want your generator to give out on you in the middle of an emergency after only a few hundred to 1000 hours. That could really make your situation worse. With a diesel, you'll only have to worry about replacing the oil and air filters.

You'll want your generator to be portable too. In case of a flood or the collapse of a building, you might need to move it to a better location. If you have to relocate to a community shelter, your portable generator could really add to the well-being of everyone there. There's nothing beneficial about a stationary generator if it's in an unusable space. Also, a portable generator is typically smaller, which also means cheaper. Since diesel generators are usually more expensive than petrol generators, you'll appreciate the smaller price tag of a portable one. Since it's your back-up generator and not your primary one, its smaller output shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Choosing a back-up generator is an important step in giving you and your family peace of mind. You want to make sure it is reliable, easy to work on, cheap to run, and lasts a long time. For this reason, make sure your portable back-up generator runs on diesel.

Your Back Up Generator Will Run Longerand Cheaper on Diesel