Working of Solar Battery Charger

Continuous use of natural resources around the world is bringing these reserves to an end. It is becoming important by the day to switch to an energy source that is available in plenty and at the same time does not pose a threat to nature. Science has given the answer through the solar energy. Today, when petrol reserves are coming to an end, cars can be capacitated to run on solar energy. A solar battery can provide the power to run a car, and that too by not creating pollution. These batteries can be charged with the help of a charger that is devised specifically for this purpose.

A solar battery charger uses the UV light is its source. The UV light provides energy that is used as power current that is in turn used to power a car. The battery can lose charge owing to the collection of residual matter on it. The charger uses the UV light directly and converts it to the energy that is fit to charge the solar battery in the car. This way there is no waiting time for the person in the car. This simple yet effective procedure saves a lot of trouble and time.

The main principle for the charger is to be able to convert light energy to electrical energy. The charger has the ability to change direct sunlight into an electrical power source of 12v DC. This new found electrical energy is then directed towards the solar battery. Since the battery is rechargeable, the process becomes easier. Such batteries have a lead cord and a connector. The solar panel in the battery enable it to accept a large spectrum of light, which is why the solar battery can function even on cloudy days. The solar panel is built is a way that it can combat the extreme heat of summer and also function when the sun is not bright.

The chargers power the solar battery and enable them to retain the charge for quite long. It is a common belief that on cloudy days or nights, cars powered by a solar battery does not run. This however is a myth and has very little truth in it. The charger empowers the battery to be able to run for quite long before the charger can be reinstalled to do the needful again. The battery used in the cars are usually of 12v capacity and are commonly used in personal cars, motor bikes, tractors, farm apparatus, and light vehicles. This process is enhanced with the use of a 12v lead acid battery pack.

The entire setup of a solar battery being charged with a suitable charger is cost effective and simple. There are less gas filling hassles, the environment can be easily kept green, and the maintenance of this process is really easy. With the technological advancement, this trend is catching on and more and more on-line automobile merchants are providing is option. The fact that it is durable, inexpensive, and idealistic, seems to impress more and more people.

Working of Solar Battery Charger