Drive Away Your Worries With These Flea And Tick Control Tips

How ticks affect your pets and what should be done for flea and tick control?

Apart from being itchy, flea and tick can actually make your pet quite unwell. If your pet seems to be very unhappy or ill, it's time that you do a reality check. You might mistake the appearance of black specks in your pet's fur to be that of dirt but on a closer look you might notice that it is actually flea dirt which is dried blood excreted by the adult fleas. Since fleas and ticks are blood sucking parasites, it might lead to anemia in your pets and they can even die if there are heavy infestations. Flea and ticks also transmit other parasites like tapeworm or other types of intestinal parasites. Though there are a lot of medicinal options available in the market, the most common flea and tick preventive the generic Frontline spray.

How is Frontline flea control for cats and dogs beneficial?

Frontline is available as Frontline Spray for cats and dogs, Frontline Spot On for Cats and Frontline Spot On for Dogs. The main ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, a very commonly used insecticide and poison that attacks the nervous system of fleas and ticks. It is very effective in killing all of the fleas and ticks on your pets especially cats and dogs. It takes 18 hours to kill all of adult fleas an up to 48 hours to kill all of the ticks. The generic Frontline Spray also contains an insect regulator, S-methoprene which helps in killing the parasites' eggs and larvae to a large extent. Once applied these active ingredients remain in the hair follicles of your pets and continuously re-apply by itself as well as offers a long-lasting and water-proof protection. This product is available in all leading pet pharmacies and chemist shops. At the same you can also purchase the online at a discount price.

Storage and precaution

A number of precautions should be maintained while applying this product. The are :

In terms of storage, keep it in a cool, dry place but do not place it in a refrigerator. If the product is partially finished avoid placing them indoors or in an outdoor drain since it is highly poisonous. In such a case, you can place the bottles in the trash or give it for recycling.

Drive Away Your Worries With These Flea And Tick Control Tips